Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | | By: Danielle Esmaya

Philippine Dragon Boat Team - Dragon Warriors are the Competition’s Defending World Champion with 5 GOLDS and 2 SILVERS

The Philippine Dragon Boat team, also known as the “Dragon Warriors”, is a composite team of athletes from the Philippine Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard with 5 GOLDS and 2 SILVERS.

Currently, the Dragon Warriors are the competition’s defending world champion.

I have seen through a local TV show how this team fights for a budget and support from our government. Sadly, as claimed, they get nil support from our government. Gladly, with the help of some of our kababayans here and abroad, they have had been able to collect all what they need to join the world title dragon boat race.
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 | | By: Danielle Esmaya

Azkals Versus Sri Lanka Qualifying Match for the World Cup 2011

Azkals Team of the Philippines for FIFA qualifying match with the Sri Lanka team ended up on a draw. Each team had scored 1 point each. Sri Lanka has scored first then later that Azkals has scored also. The said next game for both team were scheduled. Kuwait will be the next to be in the competition on whoever wins in the game.
Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | | By: Danielle Esmaya

Pacquiao Mosley Fight This Saturday

Vegas dome will be filled with boxing enthusiast, knowing that the fighter will be one of the most influential in the boxing history, Manny Pacquiao. With seven weeks of preparation, a big fight will surely hit the world.

I bet for the win of Pacquiao, not less than 10 rounds. But I'm not that really confident for I know how strong Mosley is. A good fight I can't wait to watch for.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | | By: Danielle Esmaya

Mosley Said to Beat Pacquiao 7 Rounds

Been trying to look for details about what Mosley is and good thing I have read a lot about him. Another achiever, whose credibility and ability as a boxer has been developed as the years has passed. It’s going to be, a good fight. I am sure, that Las Vegas would be filled with large numbers of visitors.

I just heard from a news that he said, he will beat Pacquiao in just a matter of 7 rounds. He’s been studying Pacquiao’s way of fighting. Philippine tv news has announced this. There’s seems a big confidence in him.
Sunday, April 10, 2011 | | By: Danielle Esmaya

World Welterweight Championship Mosley Versus Pacquiao Fight

Mosley-Pacquiao fight will be set on May 07, 2011 in Las Vegas.It's another fun and exciting game to watch for. We have been waiting for this great fight and I am sure that it's another one moment to remember. Been following Pacquaio's fight ever since and I can say that he's one great fighter. For now, I' m more interested of following Mosley's record for me to know whether he could win or not. Excited to know more about this great guy. Can't wait for May 7.